Canadian VISA confirmation!


Got a letter today to say my Work Authorisation Letter is being held at BUNAC and that my Canadian VISA can be collected when I enter Toronto! Just need to send off my insurance, book a flight and sort out a few details. I expect I'll be leaving the UK some time in August.

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Will update this journal as I get more news.

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John Erskine


Glad it worked out as planned for you mate. This way you won't have to pay your student loans! Woohoo! Result!!



and remember how its spell "ABOUT" not "ABOOT"!!

Kate Davidson

Yeay Dave, Made up for you! (lol John E very funny 'Aboot').
Keep taking the photies Dave and I'll keep checking them out. Best of luck to you on your new adventure xx

Karl Walker

Go 'ed fella!!
Best wishes for the future dude!

When you get your pad up and running and job sorted, make sure you leave another opening for me, I'll join you ;-)

Look forward to following the site. Take care m8y

Neil Norpa

Good luck Dave..

Why..oh WWWWWWWWWWWWWhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
it doesnt have to be like this.......
Dont do anything i wouldnt do...
which doesnt leave much..
Watch out for bears. Stay lobbed up.
Ill keep the wirrel police informed with were youve gone..
from Wisearse..

Andy Davidson



Thanks for the kind words guys. :)