Portmeirion Photos


I went to Portmeirion on Monday as it was nice day. Took a little over 2 hours to get there, but it was well worth it. I've been waiting for a nice blue sky and the sky arrived so I rang up Pete to see if he wanted to go too. We arrived at Portmeirion and paid £6 to get in. The weather was really hot and this made it more difficult to get photographs. Later in the day we walked down to the beach. It was sealed off by a small channel of water. Pete decided to risk going across in his trainers. He slipped over, but somehow managed to keep hold of all his photography equipment. He was then rescued by a bikini-clad german girl who had been watching our journey across the beach. I didn't capture a photograph of him falling as I was too busy trying to help him (and stop laughing), but I have a photograph of him washing the sand from his camera! Enjoy!

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hi dave r u in canada yet ?


Not yet. I go on August 8th.