Toronto Film Festival Thursday & Michelle ;)


Crikey! What a great day I had yesterday! I'd have to say it was the most exciting day so far. I met a great girl named Michelle from Rogers Television. I have a photograph of me and her (I won't be posting that one), but she is the one in the photograph with Jackie Chan. Hands off my girl Jackie! :) Seriously though, the whole night was such good fun. I learnt some Japanese off my new friends Jason and some other guy who's name I have forgotten. His name was very Japanese! I learnt to say "You are very beautiful" in Japanese. I told Michelle I learnt it just for her. She said, I don't speak Japanese, what does it mean? I told her and she said thank you very much. :) I am sure you will agree that she is very beautiful. Anyway, as if that wasn't good enough, Jackie Chan turned up. That guy is so cool. He is exactly like the films, he is a genuinely nice guy and really funny. He really was worth waiting around for. I got lots of great photos of him. His wife is very beautiful and his co-star Monita is also very good looking too. :)

Anyway, no time to chat, I'm off to Toronto again to see Wallace & Grommit! Laterz everyone!

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Great photo's mate, love the ones of Conery!! Sounds like your havin' a great time, :D

Take care


Who's that Hispanic lookin' lass!?
I wouldn't mind some photo's of her for my private collection if you know what I mean ;-)
Phewwwww! Calm down Karl, clam down!
Pierce Brosnan's goatee beat yours hands down Dave I'm sorry to say.