Toronto Film Festival Saturday


I forgot it was the weekend and as such ended up missing the bus to the train station. I therefore was an hour late. This caused a stream of Justin Timberlake fans to get ahead of me in the line-up (UK: queue). So I had a bad position to take the photographs from. To make matters worse, there were two six foot photographers with foot stools to stand in front and to the side. They were from England and were dressed in suits (unusual for photographers here). One of them looked just like Tommy Lee Jones from Men In Black with his shades on. All the stars of the film arrived (except Kevin Spacey) but they didn't stop long enough for the fans. It was a real disappointment. I'd have to say that the Jackie Chan evening was the most exciting of the week. Anyway, the gallery is live now, so enjoy. :)

In other news, I am still having no luck on finding a career job in Ontario. I think I might have to start looking for a job just to get some extra cash soon. I really hoped that things would have started to happen by now. Apart from the job situation I am feeling great and having a wonderful time (as you can probably see!) The weather is still hot in the days and cool of an evening and I am still waiting for The Fall (UK: Autumn) to change all the leaves to make some great photos.

I treated myself to a 2GB IPod Nano in black from the Apple store in Toronto. It's tiny and very clever how it works. I now use ITunes to sort out what tracks I want for the day, or I let ITunes suggest songs for me based on my ratings throughout the day.

I went to see Wallace & Grommit and highly recommend it. I've not seen the previous films/animations before, but I intend to see them now.

Bye for now!

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How on earth can you own an iPod and use iTunes and continually type, ITunes? :p


iKnew I'd get that wrong!