Niagara Falls Day One (Part One)


Hey everyone. Had a mad week! Non-stop, I am totally exhausted! I've also managed to get a cold. :( The weather has gone back to being boiling hot again after two days of being a bit nippy. Very unusual apparently. Knowing my luck, it'll be the only Canadian winter without snow. :-/

If you would like more information on how my job hunting situation is going, please contact me via e-mail. I prefer not to discuss it via the journal system at present. Thanks.

I went to Niagara Falls for the weekend. I stayed Saturday night and came back on Sunday afternoon. The hotel was ok, but it wasn't anything special unfortunately. It was the kind where people can walk past the window on a balcony to get to their room. This is fine if your neighbours are old people, but unfortunately the people next to me where young and thought nothing of coming in at 3am making all kinds of noise!

Niagara Falls was great though. The first day is depicted in the gallery below. The evening and some of the afternoon will be in the next journal entry soon and the next day will appear after that. The first day was spent taking photos of the main areas as well as some of the amusement areas. Later in the afternoon I visited the White Water Boardwalk to see the power of the Niagara River. The evening was spent waiting around for the fireworks. I did however notice that there was a stand for Breast Cancer awareness month. They were planning on having pink fireworks and lighting up the falls in pink too. There were some TV crews there and I managed to talk my way into the press section. Big mistake! Annoyingly by the time it got dark enough for the fireworks the street lights came on and blotted out most of the sky. That coupled with the spray from the falls getting on my lens made for some quite terrible shots! I did however spot a very talented female photographer with more lenses and cameras than I've ever seen associated with one person. A different woman walked up to me and asked me which network I was with. I told her I was freelance. She asked me if I had a business card. I told her they were being reprinted with my canadian phone numbers. :)

There were a few famous people there, but they were just local people, like the Mayor of Niagara. No one that I recognised really.

I'll do some more typing tomorrow. Bye for now!

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