I got a job! (and it's more than $8 an hour!)


As some of you already know, I managed to get a job! In fact, I managed to get TWO jobs. :) The one I have taken is $30 an hour (about 14.43 pounds). I'll let you know the details once I've started properly, but it is for a large company in downtown Toronto. :) The ideal position for me and they are okay about my 12 months work visa. I am pretty happy right now. :) Just when I thought I wasn't going to get anything except maybe working in an electronic store, and I get offered two career positions on the same day!

I am off to Cheri's house for Thanksgiving now and won't be back until Tuesday. I start work Wednesday, so I'll have an update then after my first day. :) I wonder how my first Thanksgiving will go?

Niagara Falls photos have been put on hold for now, and so have my photo critiques for the competition. I am just too busy to deal with them all right now. But I will get around to them eventually!

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