First Day at work


My first day was great! I arrived at 9:15am (Flexi-time so that's ok). The train for that stop arrives at 9am exactly and there is a fifteen minute walk to the office building. The building is 3 floors and houses 300 employees. There are over 600 employees in the company nationally. I got the guided tour of the building when I arrived. I met lots of people who I'll be working with soon as well as a borg. Yes, they actually have a Borg lookalike statue in the tech section. ;) There are proper coffee facilities (take note ex-Sentient employees!) so I don't have to make anyone coffee. There is also a cleaner for our coffee mugs, so we are allowed to leave them on our desks. :) There is a dog leasing area. Yes, believe it or not, this is a "dog-friendly" company and you are allowed to bring your dog to work with you! (Unless it's a Rottweiler!) They have a quiet room for chilling out and a lunch room which has an X-Box and a decent-looking fuzzball table. :) I spent the morning making sure my PC was set up with software that I'll be using as well as learning about the company from my co-worker Steve. Lunch is sometimes provided for free by sales people that come in to promote stuff (from other companies), but if not the team usually go to a local restaurant for a decent hours sit down meal. Steve was kind enough to buy my first lunch, which was very filling. The waitress gave me a 'doggy bag' to take home the flatbread slices that I couldn't eat. I got back to the office and spent the rest of the day finishing off a typical marketing request (which I'll be working on regularly) and learning more about various company procedures etc. It got to 5pm and I got a call from my boss in Vancouver. She said she wished she could have been there for my introductory lunch, but wished me well and hoped I was settling in. I got out at 5:15pm, but the train didn't arrive until 5:50, so I had a bit of a wait. In the end I managed to get home for 7:15pm. My aunt had a great thanksgiving dinner for me with a glass of red wine, which was nice. :) Not too tired yet, but it's early days and I am sure the commuting will wear me out!

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Hi Dave,

Glad your first day went well. Sounds like a good company. Glad you're enjoying it all. Talk soon.

Love Gillxx


Whats the totty like?

Ian Evans

Hey Dave,

That is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

I am glad that your first day went so well, its sounds like an enlightened company and you could do really well for yourself.

We'll have to see about coming over to visit now you are getting sorted.

Don't work too hard mate



Well done m8, hope you enjoy it and if you need a reference, gizz a shout!

But guess you're past that phase!

Get them all your ten commandments!! ;-)