Getting set up in Toronto


The temperature has dropped to an average of 5-7 degrees now, but my coat is really warm, so I don't notice much at the moment. I am usually too hot (especially with walking everywhere!)

The apartment is great. I haven't got any furniture in it yet as no one is available during the week to drop stuff off. The building rules are that no weekends or evening move-in's are allowed. How do they expect people with full-time 9-5 jobs to get their stuff in? Do they expect everyone to take a day off work?

Anyway, work is going well. 99% done on my first project now. Just awaiting feedback so I can add the finishing touches.

I am alternating between my aunts house and my apartment at the moment, but this weekend should see me make the final transition to the apartment. Photos of the apartment will be available if you e-mail/msn me, but I won't be posting them online.

Having my own place is great. I can set things out how I like and get more organised, having my own space etc. It is amazing how much stuff you take for granted when you live with relatives/parents. For example, I wanted to make a cup of tea. I had to buy the kettle, buy fresh milk. Luckily I brought the teabags with me. :) Each day I bring new things to my apartment (as much as I can carry on the train). The last time I brought a saucepan. It is very useful! I can have warm milk now in the evenings. Something that was impossible before.

I should have a microwave and some smaller furniture items by Sunday, thanks to my aunt and uncle coming to visit me. :) I'll also have a TV! (Not sure if I'll get any channels yet though. I'll probably have to subscribe to the basic cable package.

Anyway, here is a photo from Halloween eve of my pumpkin without a nose. :) Enjoy!

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