Toronto Area Photobloggers


I went to the Apple Store in Yorkdale to view the presentations and perhaps meet a few photo bloggers. I managed to speak to Sam Javanrouh from Daily Dose of Imagery. I wasn't sure whether to take my camera or not. In the end I took my Epson P2000 and showed Sam the shots I had taken which were nearly identical to some of his shots. He thought it was funny that I was in Toronto while he was visiting England too. :)

I met a few other photobloggers but didn't really know anyone well enough to stay for too long. I got myself a 10% discount card which has no expiry date for any product in the store which was nice. :) Guess I'll give it to Pete as I already have the only Apple product I am likely to buy (my iPod)!

It was really really cold coming out the subway station and I still have a bad cold, so I went straight home.

As for my lack of updates, I've been ill the past week with a flu-like virus. I also had to go to the dentist for a root canal and so I am not doing too good medically! Should be okay for work tomorrow though if I take it easy. :)

I will be posting some photos of the Toronto International Auto Show once I have processed them. I wasn't that impressed when I took them, but they seem better now that I am seeing them with fresh eyes. Goodnight all.

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