Lamborghini's and Market Restaurants!


Well since I spammed everyone to visit my website, i've had some nice e-mails, but no comments! Oh well, guess I can't remote control you all into clicking 'Add Comment' below. Speaking of which, that Adam Sandler movie 'Click' looks funny. :)

I found a new place to eat today. Not that you eat the place, but it's a restaurant - kind of. Its called a Market Restaurant and as far as I know its a fairly unique concept. I had no clue what to do, but I was hungry on the way home, so I found this place. I walked in and they gave me a card with a magnetic strip. They didn't explain what it was for, but a quick read of the card and it became clear. You have to walk around the restaurant (which is laid out in sections, like a market) and you pick and choose what you want from each section. It's a bit like a buffet, except it looks more like a market. Anyway, they swipe the card they gave you at the entrance and you sit down and eat the food. You can go back and get more stuff if you want and the card gets swiped. On the way out they ask you for the card and then you pay what you owe on the card. Hopefully you didn't order too much dessert! Anyway, the food was excellent. Check it out, it's called the Richtree Market Restaurant.

The photo I am showing off today is from the Toronto Auto Show I went to a few weeks back. They had a good selection of cars, but one of my favourites was this cool looking Lamborghini. Enjoy!

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