CN Tower Climb


Hey everyone! I've decided to post a shot!

Here is the line-up for the 6th Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb for WWF-Canada. Felt like a summers day with everyone in shorts! I tried to make the shot more interesting with some tonal changes and desaturation.

Have been really busy with work, taxes, visas etc, so haven't had time to take any photos. I managed to get out this weekend however and so I now have a few shots that I can share with you over the next few days.

In other news, Pete is visiting in May and it's already May now! Luckily the weather is definitely moving towards the warmer numbers. My air conditioning has been tested and is working well. :)

Looking forward to visits from my parents and Gillian too. Can't wait to show everyone around the wonderful city of Toronto. It will be lots of fun. :)

Stay tuned, I'll post another pic tomorrow,

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