Toronto Island is a great place to capture photos of wildlife. I got a photo the other day of a Raccoon with the wrong lens at the wrong time of day and it was blurred. I came back the next day with the right settings, the right lens, the right time and this was the result. One of my favourite shots due to the combination of everything coming together and working!

Peter will be leaving for England this evening. We've had a lot of fun and I know he will miss this place a lot! I just hope I don't have to leave in August, because that will be so difficult! I haven't blogged much, but I think the next few months are going to be tough, so I will probably use this journal to keep me focussed. :)

I have to plan for everything going fine with my work visa and being able to stay in Canada for longer, but I also have to accept the possibility that I could be back in England in a couple of months.

Stay tuned for all the photos I didn't have time to go through from various days/nights out with Pete.

Looking forward to a movie called The Lake House, starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. It looks like my kind of movie. There is also the new Superman movie, called Superman Returns which I definitely want to see on the IMAX screen here. :)

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I loved this shot - I'd really like to see it on my wall. Congratulations Dave on your job.

See you soon.

Brenda and Derek

p.s. - have you heard from your Mom and Dad, I hope their flight back was a good one.