Enjoy Coca-Cola...


I got a job offer confirmed today. :) I start next week!
Looks like things are back on track. I feel a little hesitant celebrating because it is very stressful not knowing where I will be, or what i'll be doing for certain in the next few months. Oh, I entered the lottery yesterday (not something I normally do). Winning numbers are announced tomorrow (Canada Day). Fingers crossed! Not sure even that would solve all of my problems though. :)

I went to see Superman Returns at the IMAX cinema (in the picture below). It had four 3D scenes which was fun. A great movie going experience and I because it was the premiere, there were a few TV cameras around interviewing people in the crowd. Never got to see myself on TV though.

The Toronto Film Festival is almost here. If you remember, I had some fun there last year. Remember though, it was last year. I am only in Canada for a year, so its not possible for me to see the film festival unless I get a work visa.

I haven't written anything for a while because I don't want people making assumptions about things I've written etc. I need to play the cards I have close to my chest right now, or I'll risk losing them. :) So if everything goes quiet, I've either got some big news on the way (could be good or bad!) or I've just forgotten to update the weblog.

Remember, Plan For The Worst - Hope For The Best.

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Just doing my quarterly inspection of your website, firstly,, what did i tell you about friends comming to visit completly jinx's contract jobs! And well done on a miraculas return to your master plan,

The force is with you dave, feel it and use it wisly.

Ps, i think your plant might be dead.


I just found this comment (14 March 2007).

It's hilarious... LOL!