Italian's Win World Cup 2006


Went to the Rogers Centre in Toronto to see The World Cup Final, between Italy and France. It was an amazing atmosphere. The game was very close and had to be decided with a penalty shootout. Italy won the game and the stadium erupted with cheers.

I went to King Street and took some photos of the French fans, who were still celebrating coming 2nd place. I then went to Little Italy to get the winners reaction.

Wow! The entire neighbourhood was filled with an impromptu parade and lots of people waving flags, beeping horns and blowing whistles etc. One girl got on top of a car and started to tease the crowd. Naturally I got the pics. :) Enjoy!

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David - really - what would you Mom say! Nice photo though. Italy did win the CUP - "D" Cups no doubt!


Wow, this girl was everywhere. I've seen her in a few blogs from the world cup win. Great shot, she's definetly got personality...


Good for you,Dave! Who cares what your mum thinks, you're not a little kid anymore...too bad the cheats won though!