I wanted a good lightning shot so badly, and now thanks to living in Toronto I got my chance. I still need one of the CN Tower, but my apartment is facing the wrong way and I'm too scared to go out in storms like this!

In other news, I recently said...

"An interesting development in the visa application occurred.
Turns out the Canadian government in their infinite wisdom have decided to extend my exisiting "non-extendable" visa for another 2 months."

It turns out this information was wrong. It did sound wrong because it would mean the Canadian government would be breaking their own rules.

I checked today and while I can still continue working in Canada, I still need to apply for a new work visa anyway. I did this today and so now I need to wait for the decision on that stage.

My flight home would have been tomorrow, but I've had to let it pass.

Enjoy the lightning pic! It might be a bit cooler around here now that we've had a decent storm. :)

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This is a great photo! I especially love the colour of the sky. Congratulations on a fine capture.



Well done! Good composition and I’m sure it took lots of patience =)