Toronto Skyline at Dusk


This shot was taken from the top of the Manulife Centre in Toronto at the Panoramics Restaurant. It was taken as the sun was setting, which produced some great light on the buildings.

Last night I went to see The Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place. It was amazing! I will post some of those photographs soon.

This evening I went to the Harbourfront Centre to watch Pirates of the Carribean at the open air cinema. It was actually much better than you might think! The sound was pretty decent especially when a real ship on the harbourfront fired a cannon! The audience were very surprised, but everyone thought it was funny eventually. :)

My apologies for people who tried to use this website today - I accidentally broke it in the morning and there wasn't enough time to fix it before going to work. As you can see it is back to normal again. :)

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