The Indian Dog


Ok, so it's a Husky Dog, but we have a joke around these parts which makes it an Indian Dog, so there!
Taken at The Ex, Ontario Place when the IAMS Dog Show was in town. :)

I'm still waiting for my work visa to come through. I have a new three month contract with work which actually starts soon and I have to apply for a work visa for that particular contract. I am just taking everything one day at a time and not worrying too much. I think I am getting used to it now!

I got the Racoon photo printed out and have put it on my wall in a nice frame that suits the room. The Racoon's eyes follow me around the room, it's kind of cool. :)

I just bought a new camera flash with a lightsphere attachment and a new 28-75mm lens for the Toronto International Film Festival which is coming up soon. I will hopefully get some great shots this year!

Everything I am buying these days has to be portable incase I get what I refer to as "the letter of doom". Every weeknight I come home from work and check my mail for said letter and hope I don't have to return to England.

Part of me wants to visit England to see everyone etc., but I can't even visit the US with my current status. Wish me luck!

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