Toronto International Film Festival - Thursday, 14th Sept


Here are the final 25 shots from the Film Festival including amongst others, one my favourite actresses, Sandra Bullock. :)

It was so amazing to see her in person. She spent so long with the fans and tv reporters that the film was delayed by 15 minutes. The theatre staff kept telling her agent that she had to go in now, but she wasn't done just yet. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a girl who had been waiting most of the day in a wheelchair. Sandra hopped over the rope surrounding the red carpet and went to speak with her. I thought that was such a nice thing to do, especially as she was running late for the movie. She got a round of applause for that from the crowd.

In contrast, earlier that day we saw (or rather didn't see) Demi Moore. She jumped straight out of her black SUV, ignored the fans, ignored half of the press photographers waiting for interviews and it looked like she was going to just go in and watch the movie without speaking to anyone. She eventually stopped near the doorway and everyone started booing her. I have never heard booing at the film festival before but in this case it was understandable. If there are three golden rules of being a movie star, it's to act in movies, give people autographs and wave at the fans - it's not rocket science!


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