Brilliant Week!


Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the big news is I got a new work visa. It's only for 2 months, but I am hoping to get another one for my next work contract. It's still good news though, because there was always a chance that I couldn't extend my 12 month visa.

This past week I have been busy. I went to see Colin Mochrie (the guy from Who's Line Is It Anyway?) at Massie Hall. He was on tour with Brad Sherwood (also from Who's Line). It was amazing all the way through. Much better being there than watching it on TV. They really do make everything up as they go along.

I went to play an urban game on Friday night called Capture The Flag. Downtown Toronto was divided into two areas, red and blue. The blue team wore blue and the red team wore purple (which was very confusing!). The red/purple team (which I was on) won 3-0. :)

It was amazing fun running around Toronto like a kid, through underground pathways, hiding out and planning strategies and storming the enemy base etc. The game ended when a guy on a bike paraded the 3rd point flag down King Street. The cops spotted him and he got charged for carrying a flag whilst riding a bike and they also noticed his bike light wasn't working, so they charged him for that too.

There were over 1200 people playing Capture The Flag, but that dropped down a bit towards the end. As things got quieter there were still around 70 people left and they decided to play Red Rover. That was good, but I skipped that one. :)

No photos, because it was a lot of running around etc and didn't want to risk my camera, but here are two photo galleries from the Bubble Battle a while ago (which was run by the same people at

Bubble Battle Gallery One
Bubble Battle Gallery Two

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Ian Evans

Hey Dave,

Well done! The game sounds like fun too!