Thanksgiving Weekend


Hi guys,

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians. :)
I decided the best thing to do on long weekends is to head out on a long drive. My destination for this weekend was Montreal. I'll have those photos uploaded eventually. On the way I stopped at Napanee (how could I resist?) I've done my homework this time and found the pizza place where Avril Lavigne used to hang out (La Pizzeria). I ordered the Avril special whilst looking at all the different photos and CD's they have from her on their walls.

After Napanee I continued on to Montreal. I stayed at The Holiday Inn in Old Montreal in the China-town area. The hotel was supposed to built with Feng Shui in mind. I think my apartment has a similar appreciation for the Chinese culture - we have no 4th or 14 floors. The reason is because the number 4 is considered unlucky in China.

Montreal is similar to Toronto in some ways, but they have this weird thing were only certain streets are permitted to have shops on them. There are also similarities to England and Wales. It does have it's own style, but mostly it borrows ideas from other places. Everything is in French and very rarely is there an English translation. It was fun trying to figure it all out though.

Every speaks English too which is handy! If you go into a store, they will say Bonjour. If you say Bonjour back, they will speak in French to you. If you say Hello or Hi, they will speak in English. (So don't get smart like I did and say Bonjour, otherwise you are in big trouble!)

The drive to Montreal was great, despite being on a highway for most of the trip. I turned off at different towns along the way and got some great photos of all the leaves changing colour for Fall.

I've got a Flickr Pro account now, so I have started to upload lots and lots of photos to that. I think it will make life easier for me. If you haven't got a Flickr account, you can still view the images, but to leave comments, just leave them below. Thanks!

Montreal/Road trip photos coming soon,
Click the FLICKR link above to see my latest photos.
Bye for now!

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