Winter in Ontario, Canada


Winter has arrived and as predicted the weather is trying to "balance it's self out". It has been quite warm so far this year - up until this past week or so. Now we are experiencing a true Canadian winter! (well cold for Ontario at least!). Tonight the temperature is going down to -19 degree Celsius, which is -23 degrees Celsius with the wind-chill / feels like factor.

I bought a used-car to make the trip to work more bearable! It's 30 minutes faster in the morning, but the evening still takes a long time. I am still trying different routes to work out the best way.

I took the car out on the weekend for a good run. I don't have snow tires, so I have to be careful where I go. All the major roads are gritted reliably enough, so it's only when you have roads in small residential areas that it feels like you are driving around on an ice rink!

I headed North East to the nearest body of water I could find, expecting to find a nice lake to take photos. I got there and remembered it was winter in Ontario! The whole lake was frozen solid and people were racing each other on Ski Doos - hehe.

I recently went to a meet-up of Flickr photographers at the Imperial Pub Lounge on Dundas Street, Toronto. I saw Natalie from previous photography meets and met a few others. Everyone had cool "Moo cards", which are like mini business cards with your photographs on them.

Enjoy the photos anyway!

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