Snow Day


I wasn't sure about driving to work today, so I thought I'd give it a try. I got as far as the first turn! The car could hardly drive on the snow packed road and was slipping everywhere, so I turned around and put the car back in the parking garage. I decided to get the bus, but the TTC was really busy. I got as far as the bus station and i'd just missed the bus. I realised it would take ages to get to work and that coming home would take forever too, so I decided it was best to take a snow day.

I remembered that I could do some of my work at the downtown office location, so I called there. I sent an e-mail to my manager and the rest of the team to explain why I wasn't coming in. Then my manager turned up at the downtown office and was standing behind me. He had the same idea! :)

The snow is the wrong kind of snow for snowball fights and snowmen unfortunately. It is really dry snow that blows very easily in the wind. Even when it wasn't snowing, then snow on the ground was blowing up and creating snow drifts. I'm glad I decided to stay local today!

The weather is bad, and the lake is partially frozen, but it's not as bad as the winter of 1912 - the coldest winter in the past 100 years, when the whole of Lake Ontario froze over! The Toronto Star online newspaper has the story.

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