Doors Open Toronto - Toronto FC and Lower Bay Station


Each year, Toronto opens the doors to places which are normally hidden away or under lock and key to the public.

Doors Open Toronto is one weekend each year when these places are open to everyone, and it's all free. :)

I visited Lower Bay Station, which hasn't been open publicly since 1966. It looks a lot like the regular Bay Station, but it was still great to see all the same. They use Lower Bay Station to shoot subway scenes in movies. It's also used to train TTC Staff on what to do in emergencies etc.

I went to the Queens Wharf Lighthouse, which still stands on Fleet Street in Toronto. It was once powered by Kerosene and the light could shine up to 12 miles.

I also visited the Toronto FC home playing field, called BMO Field. It is sponsored by the Bank of Montreal (BMO) and the seats are different colours to spell out the name of the city.

More photos coming tomorrow hopefully!

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