I just got a TWO YEAR work visa!


Hey all,

I got some amazing news on Friday, June 20th, 2007.

The work visa I have been waiting for was finally approved for TWO YEARS! This is such a relief, as I was expecting to have to renew it every six months. I can actually plan things now, like vacations, concerts and I may even consider purchasing some things for my apartment now!

I need to treat myself and celebrate - I'm not sure the best way to do that, but with my birthday coming up soon and the big gallery closing night coming up, I am sure the next week or two will be amazing!

I am currently getting the final paperwork together and will be applying for permanent residence. I can't wait any longer - this is the once in a lifetime chance to do this and having the two year visa is so helpful - it actually gives me extra points on my application.

I get asked lots of questions by people about permanent residence, so here is a quick explanation of the timetable!

Currently: Temporary Resident of Canada
Applying for: Permanent Resident of Canada

As I have a two year visa now, I am hoping my permanent residence status will happen before the two years are up!

Once I am a permanent resident and after another 3 years I can then apply to be a Canadian.

Being a Canadian is the same as being a permanent resident, but you get some extra rights, such as the ability to vote etc...

The photograph below is of a lioness at Toronto Zoo, relaxing in the sun. It was the closest photo I could find to how I feel right now. :) Very content and happy to be here!

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Ian Evans

Aloha Dave,

I am made up for you - this is your dream and your chance, go for it. Seems to me all you need to complete things is a gorgeous Canadian babe and all will be well with the world.

Sorry for the delay. I have only just had a chance to get to the website (I am using a modem that looks like its steam powered and work has closed off all access to sites like this!)

Well done!