The Cat Story


Last night I was just about to go to sleep at around 1am, when I heard a strange sound outside my apartment door. It sounded like a baby almost, but when I checked the hallway I found a cat 'meowing'! (See the low resolution screengrab and video below).

It was late, so I couldn't knock on anyone's door to find out who it belonged to. I figured it didn't know how to use the elevator, so it had to be someone on the same floor as me. I checked for doors that were ajar, but they were all closed.

The security guards didn't know what to do when they came up, with it being so late, so in the end I volunteered to keep the cat in my apartment overnight, hoping that I could knock on people's doors in the morning - so that's what I did!

I had to 'cat-proof' my apartment. I really don't know much about handling cat's. I have learnt a bit more though from this experience!

I let it run around my apartment and I played with it a bit. I then set up a bed area and a makeshift kitty litter area. I also put some milk down and some water, which the kitten managed to spill everywhere. From that point on I named the cat 'Puddles'. :)

I put Puddles (the cat) in the bathroom and closed the door. I left a dim light on so it wasn't scared and went to bed. The poor kitten was still meowing and I didn't get much sleep! I gave it some tuna at around 5am and then had to get up at 6:45am for work.

I carried the cat into the elevator (it kept jumping out of my hands when it got scared or suspicious) and took it down to the security desk. Eventually the security guard and maintenance guy managed to get it into a cardboard box and keep it in their room until the owner could be contacted.

I'm still not sure if they managed to trace the owner, but I am having a cat-free night, so I'm sure it all worked out in the end!

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