Toronto International Film Festival 2007 - Friday


I took a day off work today to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. It's always good to catch up with the other regulars who attend. Those other lucky souls who spend the whole afternoon standing behind barriers waiting for a glimpse of the stars!

In other news, I applied for permanent residence today! Finally, all of my forms, documentation and a cheque for $550 dollars to the Canadian Government are ready! I should hear from them in about 30-40 days to confirm they received everything.

I bumped into my friend Cecilia today. Very strange how that happened. I was getting a TTC train back from College Station and I sat right next to her without realising! Cecilia helped me with my permanent residence application questions, so it was quite fitting to see her today of all days! What a coincidence!

Had to get my car fixed today too, due to it making some rather strange noises. I also got them to fix a few other things which they discovered on the service, including the intermittent 'check engine' light. I'll pick that up tomorrow. Lots of work covered on the warranty, but the new brakes I need are quite expensive.

My landlord is calling tomorrow to ask for a rent cheque, so I'm having a costly weekend so far!

Here are my shots from the Film Festival today. I had a good position, right near to where the Limo's stopped, but the celebs walked the opposite way when doing autographs. This meant that I couldn't quite reach Reese with my photograph of her (that I took last time). Oh well, there is always next year...

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Aaah well Dave ... I'm sure you're disappointed that you didn't get to give Reese her picture .. you even bought a printer just for the occasion awww .. well more pics for me .. :) I like the thunder one too ... This is a very cute candid photo .. I love legally blonde -Reese rocks! I know your dreams have come true .. at least for this year's film fest thus far :D