Toronto International Film Festival 2007 - Saturday


I went to pick up my car today and pay the 800 dollars it cost in repairs! I was back late due to traffic and missing the 1pm showing at the Roy Thompson Hall. Wasn't too bothered. I then went to find another showing and missed that by a few minutes too (because I was behind schedule on the day overall). I then came back and found out some celebrities are attending a showing at the Manulife Centre, but when I got there I realised it was just the movie, not a red carpet event. This means, the stars do turn up, but they just go straight in.

So after a long walk, I eventually walked past the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatres on Yonge Street. I wasn't really planning on staying, but I got chatting to a few people, including a girl from England called Jackie. I ended up staying the whole evening until Brad Pitt turned up. As you may have guessed from the photo below, he came with Angelina Jolie!

Some of these photos are little lower quality than usual, due to the fact they were taken as Brad and Angelina walked past quite quickly. It was also very dark and they were further away than they would have been at Roy Thompson Hall.

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Thanks for sharing, at least we know that Ange is always there to support Brad. What a lovely couple, I hope, this time no kids around so they can take a break from their kids.


Hey Dave - did you say hi to angie and brad for me ... U know that I could have been their adoptive child :( and my name could have rung a bell in the list to do for them :) Wow Angelina and Brad together in toronto just steps away from my door - what a riot! It must have been crazy down there - you know I wanted to be there - how could you go without me :| and pretend it was by mistake .. tsk tsk :p


I expect a framed photo now from this event. But I can't believe how skinny Angie is .. she's cambo now. They are a hot item .. beautiful couple - definitely a treat for the year at film fest - amazing shot! I still want to see an actual film - so let's!

Ian Evans

Hey Ho,

Blimey, I didn't realsie you were mixing with the glitterati! At least no one stood in the way this time.