TIFF 2008 - Thandie Newton, Guy Richie, Gerard Butler, Paul Gross


The Toronto International Film Festival's first night wasn't so great. I arrived at 6:30pm at the Roy Thompson Hall, not expecting to see much because the movie started at 6:30pm. It turns out that everyone arrived late, but of course I didn't have a close enough position, so I got some long range shots of Paul Gross, and one of the marching band. I also noticed that this year, the press section is now more enclosed with huge posters blocking lots of our long range shots - not too bad though, because these shots seldom work well anyway. Also this year were some protesters with huge signs. Let's hope that was a one-off, because it might get annoying. Headed over to the Elgin Theatre after Roy Thompson Hall and as usual they have no organization. They had police ensuring people could walk along the sidewalk, since they didn't close it. They also didn't close Yonge Street. Everyone waited patiently on the opposite side of the road. As soon as the stars arrived a few people broke the ranks and headed across the street, then a few more, then everyone including me - dammit! It did me no good though, since it was still almost impossible to get any decent shots. Since the front entrance was a failure, I was convinced by a friend of mine to go to the exit, since they might come out 30 minutes later. I did this, but of course they all decided to stay for the entire movie, so I was out back for 2-3 hours. When they finally did appear I was just unlucky with some of the shots, and Thandie Newton didn't stop for anyone, she just had her eyes down the whole way, and dived into her hyrid SUV. I am hoping for some better shots today (Friday), but there is a 60% chance of rain. I'll probably head to Roy Thompson Hall, because the Elgin location is just terrible!

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