Lake Ontario Sunrise


Happy New Year everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to update this site in a while. I went back to England for a week to visit family and friends. I was only there for a week, but it was great to see everyone again. I took my camera and snapped some photographs around Liverpool. They have a new shopping area there now called Liverpool One which I visited.

Anyway, I flew back to Toronto on New Years Eve and went straight to bed. I woke up for New Years (which I saw on TV live from Nathan Phillips Square) and then went back to bed. I took a photo of the Jan 1st sunrise and it wasn't that great, so the photo below was actually taken a few days later (Jan 6th).

I'll have some more photos coming soon, and I will try to update the Best of 2008 Flickr set, but to be honest, 2008 has been quite slow for photography for me. If it wasn't for the amazing Toronto Film Festival I would have taken less shots this year than the last few years.

This year I am planning a trip to Vancouver and Seattle, so I am sure this year will give me lots of inspiration. :)

Photo: The sun rising over Lake Ontario in January 2009.

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