Decade of Firsts


As 2009 draws to a close, I wanted to sum up the past decade. I could have listed all of the events that happened (some good, some bad), but instead I went for the list of 'firsts'. Happy New Year everyone. See you in 2010!

First cellphone (Ericsson GA628)
First new car (Renault Clio MTV Edition)
First suit (Pierre Cardin)

First day at university (Liverpool John Moores University)
First visit to Scotland (Edinburgh)
First online journal (filled it in every day for a year)

First broadband internet connection

First digital camera (Canon A40)
First vacation alone (Toronto, Canada)

First time I photographed baby chicks in a nest
First road trip to Scotland (1200 miles of driving)

First time graduating from university
First time moving away from home
First time moving to another country (Canada)
First Canadian bank account opened (TD Canada Trust)
First Toronto International Film Festival
First Thanksgiving
First trip to Ottawa, Ontario
First job in Canada (Softchoice Corporation)
First apartment / own place
First time ice-skating

First time I got fired (Softchoice Corporation + a long story!)
First day at Navantis
First photos of a World Cup celebration (Italy beat France)
First trip to Montreal, Quebec
First day at Microsoft
First Canada Day (in Canada)

First car in Canada (Hyundai Accent 2004)
First time watching all of the Rocky movies
First time I watched a wedding ceremony of a friend online
First free concert (Chantal Kreviazuk, Downtown Toronto)
First time I donated a photo to charity (
First time I tried Gelato
First baseball game (Rogers Centre, Toronto)
First time I let a cat into my apartment to stay the night

First time I crashed my car in Canada (Black ice on a hill)
First photo sale (Casa Loma photograph, $400)
First Permanent Residence card (Canada)

First trip to Vancouver, Seattle, Victoria
First autograph by a celebrity (Bill Murray)
First time visiting the 54th floor of the TD Centre, Toronto.
First white hot chocolate drink (Second Cup, Hamilton).

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