Firsts in 2010 - January


- First time I slept over at a friends house on New Years Eve
- First time I had lime + sugar crepes
- First Cambodian dessert, called Jaet Ktith (Tapioca + Banana + Coconut Milk)
- First time I heard a joke in Cambodian (translated into English)
- First time I played Cranium

- First White Chocolate Toblerone

- First time on Toronto Island Ferry with frozen Lake Ontario

JAN 12
- First time I replaced a car headlamp on my own

JAN 14
- First visit to Moxies Restaurant

JAN 16
- First time I had Poutine
- First visit to the Drake Hotel

JAN 17
- First eCommerce site created
- First eBook created

JAN 30
- First time ice-skating around the rink unassisted at Nathan Phillips Square

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Yes - why lovely Dave. I can say that I've never done the frozen lake ontario anything. It looks really cold. And I want to also say,"Buy the Ebook" mentioned here. And you will get a taste of some of Dave's firsts - first-hand. LOL ;)