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This is my last full day in the UK. I leave for Toronto tomorrow and won't be back for one year. Someone asked me how I felt. It is like hitting the reset button on your PC. I have to make sure I've saved everything I want from this country, because theres no going back! After I press the reset button tomorrow I'll have to reboot my life in Canada. Everything i've shutdown here will have to be reopened over there.

Today I had to hand over my car keys and house keys which makes it feel more real somehow. This is really happenning. I just hope I've remembered everything I need and that I remember to have fun when I get there.

My next journal entry will be from Canada, but it may be a while before I have Internet Access. Then again, it might be tomorrow! :)

Take care everyone,
I'll speak to you all soon,

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Just Don't Forget Your Toothbrush....Or maybe its your passport thats more important!!
Oh yeah, don't say the word Bomb in the airport! And don't pray to Allah! Just to make sure you actually get there and don't get arrested! hehe!
Take Care Dave!