Looking forwards...


I decided I was living one day at a time, deciding what to do each day (usually when it was too late to do anything!) I've since tried to plan ahead so as to get more done and to feel like I have something to look forward to. I've booked tickets to the Toronto Film Festival to see Wallace & Grommit. It is a Gala performance, which means red carpet and all the grandeur of the event. My ticket says I am on the balcony which sounds great. :) I wonder if I'll be sitting next to anyone famous! Anthony Hopkins is going to be attending a premier to a different movie. I am going to try and get some photographs of him, but it will be tough as I expect there will be a lot of reporters & crowd to get through.

I got attacked by a horrible green insect yesterday! I felt something crawling on my neck. I put my hand up and felt this horrible twig like thing. I grabbed it and then it grabbed me! It tried to bite my neck and then tried to bite my hand as I threw it away. It didn't break the skin. It flew away. I followed it to identify it. I am not sure but it looked like a Praying Mantis! I should have taken a photo, but I completely forgot I had the camera with me and was in shock from all the biting! I'll probably be the only person ever to catch the West Nile Virus off a Praying Mantis!

My laptop arrived today! It came with a nice padded backpack to store it in and a 512mb memory stick. Runs a lot cooler than the Alienware one. Probably thanks to the Nvidia graphics card that it is using. I'll be online in the next 10 days or so, perhaps sooner. I still need to get a modem and a mouse for it and some microfilters for the other phone extensions.

I'll need to start driving on the roads here soon. I can drive for 90 days with my UK License, but after than I need to apply for an Ontario licence (which means doing all the tests etc) :( I need to learn before the winter though as that will be trickier to practice.

Hurricane Katrina is heading towards Ontario, with much reduced wind speeds. Apparently it will lose a lot of its energy over Lake Ontario, but it could mean a bit of a storm or tornado here. Rain is highly likely. Think thats everything. Miss you all. Take care, Dave.

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take care m8, polish up the elbows for the paparazzi :)


You got yourself a lady yet??
Take it easy Dave!


Glad all is going well for you Dave, and yes us women over here are pretty damn hot!LOL :)


Best wishes with everything m8,

where's the pix of these ladies then...............