Toronto Film Festival Tuesday



I used the right lens this time and better settings on the camera. I was also on the 2nd row for the first part and the FRONT row for the second part! I doubt I'll get that lucky again, but it definitely is the best spot (especially when the light gets low). I got good shots of all the stars with one exception. Somehow Jane Seymour sneaked past and I missed her. At the end of the evening I put my camera away. Guess what? She comes back, waves quickly and walks away. So I have seen her, but I couldn't get the shot in time. I have one of her back. :( I think my favourite shot here is of Miss Universe. She was kind enough to look directly at my camera. :)

Anyone jealous yet? - Going again today! (It's addictive stuff!) Very tiring though. My routine is wake up, have breakfast, process photos from previous day, update this journal, have a 20 minute swim, have 10 minute lunch, cycle for 20 mins to the train station, sit on the train for 60 mins, walk 10 mins to the theatre, stand for 6 hours, then walk 10 mins back to the station, wait 40 mins for the next train, 1 hour on the train back, then 20 mins cycle home, then bed for 7-8 hours if I am lucky! Then the routine begins again the next day. :) I'll be coming home earlier today though. The last film contains no one famous. The first film however may have appearances by Sir Ridley Scott and Cameron Diaz amongst others. Stay tuned!

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