Toronto Santa Claus Parade (Part 2)


Hey everyone. Had a great time at the Santa Claus Parade. Here are the rest of the photos. Hope you like them. Sorry about the Barbie one, but I only took photos of what was there!

I got a couple of couches delivered on Friday. I went to Walmart on Saturday. I picked up some chinese style paper lanterns to light my apartment. They really do work really well once I had made them. I also got a really basic table to put the smaller lamp on. My apartment definitely looks more homely now and less "hotel-room" style.

I went to the Mennonite festival at the Harbourfront Centre and found everything really expensive so I didn't get anything. I did however decide to try out Ice Skating! So I paid my seven dollars for the skate rental and then put on my skates. It's actually really easy to stand in them, much easier than you might think. You have to make sure that the laces are done very tight. I then had to walk to the ice rink up some steps, again, not too bad (coming down steps is harder). I got to the icerink and sat on the side and then put my feet on the ice. It was slippy! Well what did I expect? I eventually forced myself to stand up and it was ok. I then tried to move and fell over. I got up again and kept trying. Then I had a stage where I wasn't falling, so I figured I was doing it wrong. I then fell about 10 more times and worked out how to walk on the ice. I was there for two and a half hours. It took a lot of energy to do it, but I eventually skated from one side to the other. I haven't figured out stopping yet, so I just crash land on the side. I got some assistance from a group of girls who told me to make sure the laces were really tight, much tighter than I had them originally and that seemed to help. I eventually managed to skate around the rink in a circle without falling. It is really amazing when you skate properly. If you just kind of walk on the ice instead of gliding it is not as good.

I had planned to try again the next night, but my body had other ideas. I now have muscle aches all over my body and a slightly bruised elbow from lots of falling. It was great fun though and i'll hopefully be going next week. I had just about enough energy to get myself to the Cavalcade of Lights on Saturday night. Luckily it started later than billed so I didn't miss much. It was quite good and I think I got some ok photos, but it was very humid, so a lot of the shots may be spoiled by water particles in the air. Not looked at them yet as I wanted to get the Santa Parade shots done first.
Anyway, I'll post about them in the next journal entry. Bye for now!

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