Best of 2006


2006 was my first full year in Toronto. I arrived in Canada on August 8th 2005 and have been here continuously since then. This year, is the first year I have spent all 365 days in Canada. :)

Stuff that happened this year:-

- I now work at Microsoft Canada's Headquarters!
- I am still in Canada and have a 6 month visa to stay until June.
- My best friend Peter visited me in Toronto.
- Gillian and Juliet visited me in Toronto.
- Mum and Dad visited me in Toronto.
- My cousin Julie got married to Gary.
- My little cousin Kendra had her first birthday.
- Drove around Southern Ontario and visited Montreal.

Stuff that I am planning to do in 2007:-

- I am going to plan a trip to the UK to see my family and friends.
- I am going to apply for permanent residence in Canada.
- Probably going to end up buying a car for traveling to work.
- Maybe get to Mackinac Island this year!

Someone asked me about my website graphic above. I told them it represented my goals. I aimed for the CN Tower and now I live five minutes away from it! I aimed for being one of those people walking to work each day in "the big city" - and now I am one of them. :)

I wonder what I should change the graphic to next.

Here are my Best Photos of 2006 - Happy New Year everyone!

Edit: The Reese Witherspoon photo has been selected for the Weekly Roundup at!

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