The great journey


I have a story to tell you:-

The day was like any other day. I had breakfast, not too much, just a few flakes. There is plenty of water to drink. Today was different though. Today was the great journey. I travelled in an airtight carrier across several lands. The turbulence was quite bad at times, but I arrived in one piece. In an instant I moved from the container to the big pond. I had arrived, my new adventure about to begin. A little fish, in a large pond.

This story is not about me flying to Canada, but a possible tale that my two goldfish might have told each other, if they could speak. I moved them to my uncles pond. I thought it was quite symbolic of me leaving for Canada. I hope that I continue to grow, as I am sure my unnamed goldfish will in their new bigger pond.

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Karl Walker

Good to hear you arrived in one peice m8.


I haven't gone yet. Just moved my fish to another location. I go on August 8th! Not long now though!