I have arrived! (and been here over a week!)


Hey everyone. I am in Sunny Burlington right now. The weather is around 28 degrees today. I hope you are all doing well. I will try to update this journal a bit more. I have a bike now (which is on loan from my cousin). It is really useful for getting around, and for keeping me fit and healthy! I've got cycling and a swimming pool to relax in when I get back. It's a bit like joining the gym so far! I am not homesick yet, but I do think about everyone in England (family & friends) a lot. At the same time I just keep wanting to get a job and settle in to my own place. I am currently staying with my aunt and uncle who are teaching me the finer points of cooking and BBQ'ing. I've even done my own washing now! (don't laugh!) Lots of funny looking insects over here. I've seen a hornet of some kind. It's like a wasp but about three times the size and with a larger sting. Apparently it is scared of water, so thats a handy tip! I've also seen one which is like a centipede but much bigger and faster. I didn't want to get too close to that one!

I went to Toronto last week and had a two hour introduction on Canada etc. It was quite interesting. I didn't take my camera as the weather was awful that day and I didn't want the extra weight. I plan to go back to Toronto soon with my camera and redo all the touristy stuff with my new camera.

I went to Marine Land with my cousin and her kids. It is much better than Chester Zoo because they don't have cages for the animals. They just have protective walls. I got some great shots of bears, sea lions, dolphins, deers and killer whales.

I had to go the dentist yesterday because one of my fillings was causing me some problems. They refilled it and I am okay now (I hope!). So I guess I have my first souvenir, a canadian filling!

I am down to the last bar of chocolate that I imported from the duty free shop. When that runs out I am on the lesser canadian stuff. Apparently there is a way to get english chocolate imported. Might have to look into that!

I was cycling the other day I noticed a sign for Web Developers. I have applied to a few companies now and am going to check out some more today online.

I just ordered a new laptop too after Alienware refunded me for the last one. I've ordered one from Dell this time. Will arrive at the end of the month (ish).

So thats everything I can remember so far. Speak to you all soon when I get chance to upload some pics!


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A Dell....pahhhh!!

Burlington ey!? I've got an uncle that lives there (well we've always referred to him as uncle - infact he's one of my dad's best childhood friends). He has his own company in Toronto but lives in Burlington. Company is called 'Fiscal Agents'

Good to hear you're okay m8y.


Cool stuff mate, glad to hear you're settling in and getting to know Canada a bit more.

Have you started saying "ey" at the end of every sentence yet? You will, I went there for two weeks and came back saying it, but thats cos I'm a very impressionable fool, I give you more credit than that.

But it won't be long ey!


Can't wait to see the photos from the Zoo, thats a bold statement you made, i didn't think things could get any better than Chester Zoo!

Good luck with the job searching mate, top tip I've just learnt at my new company is to get contract positions rather than permanent ones, you can command more money. I wish I did!

Keep us posted cheifo!

Take care.