Still looking!


Hey guys. I went to St Catherines (near Niagara) about that job I mentioned. I've turned it down however as they are only offering $8 per hour! (which is 3.72 UKP). Hmm.. this keyboard doesn't have a pound sign! Anyway, this will be a short entry. The girls here are very good looking and I'll post a photo of one once my laptop arrives. Oh yer, my laptop has shipped and so should be here within the next few days or so :)

Still applying for jobs. Still riding the bike around. Went to Toronto yesterday to get some good photos of the women and the skyline of Toronto at dusk.

Bye for now!

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Sounds v.good dave.
Seems your priorities are somewhat correct ;-)

Good luck with the job hunting m8, don't take no shit. You're worth it Dave.

If yer get any naked women I wanna know ;-)


Glad lad Dave,

£££££££££££££££ <----- Showing off

£3.72 is ridiculous, you've come a long way since "you're last job" you want to move forwards not sideways!

I have one problem, you mentioned girl singuarly, why not use you charm (accent plugs in here) get a load of them together, and tell them we don't have wet shirts here in the UK.

Run Dave!


Thanks John. My mum reads this journal! LOL!