Toronto Santa Claus Parade!


Hey everyone! I've been getting so much done that I totally forgot to update my online journal! Well lets see what has happened since last time. I managed to get cable internet in my apartment (3mbps download speed). I also got cable tv so I can catch up on all my shows. It even has video on demand for some programmes which is nice. I am still without a couch (or somewhere to sit!) but hopefully that will be resolved this week. As Ronald McDonald might say, "l'm lovin' it!"

I went to the Santa Claus Parade today. It started at 12:30, but I got there early to find a decent space to take photos. I got fairly near to the Global television station camera guy. He was cheating however as he was on a remote controlled robotic arm that took him up over the crowds. Once he had his shots, he moved out of the way so I could get mine, so it was all good. :)

Absolutely loved the parade though, apart from a lot of standing. I got some exercise though when I went running after Santa's sleigh/float like a little kid. Santa forgot to look at my camera, so I wanted a better shot. Half of Toronto was running after him as well. It was so great to see all these people having so much fun.

I ran several blocks and ended up near to the sick childrens hospital. All of the children in the hospital (all the ones well enough) had come to the windows and had their faces pressed against them trying to catch a glimpse of the guy in red. It was really amazing to see. I tried to get some photos, but you had to be there really to feel the emotion. Santa was really good and my favourite moment was when he called out, "Oh, I haven't seen Stephanie yet. Hi Stephanie!". I thought that was great, as there was probably some girl called Stephanie who really loved the special mention. :)

In short, it was a really magical experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I've added some photos here. It's going to be part of a series, as I took so many.

Best Wishes,
Dave - Somewhere In Toronto.

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