Toronto International Film Festival - Friday, 8th Sept


The Toronto International Film Festival started with a whimper on Thursday, but by Friday it was alive and kicking!

I met up with Chi, a friend I made at the last film festival. I also saw some other familar faces and it was a great atmosphere. I met some new people too, which is what the Film Festival is all about for me. :)

On with the stars...

Christina Ricci turned up looking great along with Reese Witherspoon looking perfect as usual. Samuel L. Jackson appeared out of nowhere and didn't pose for any shots.. Boo!

No sign of Michelle from Rogers this time. :( Her co-worker was there though, so maybe I'll enquire about her if I get chance.

Anyway, please check out the rest of the shots below and don't forget to come back tomorrow for more photos with the following potential stars... Sir Ridley Scott, Albert Finney (From Erin Brockovich), Freddie Highmore (Charlie from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory), Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt and very unlikely, but still possible - Angelina Jolie!

Rain is predicted for tomorrow, but we might get lucky and have only cloudy conditions. :)

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