Toronto International Film Festival - Saturday, 9th Sept


Brad Pitt fans are just plain nuts!

I arrived at 3pm for the 6:30pm arrival of Russell Crowe and the 9:30pm arrival of Brad Pitt.

Things started to get crazy once Russell Crowe arrived, then a big black SUV turned up (a good sign of a big celeb) and some random guy gets out. Everyone thought it was Brad, but that was just a preview of things to come. When Brad actually did turn up a few moments later, he got out of the SUV facing us, so I got some quick snaps, then within seconds tonnes of screaming girls had broken through the barricades and were charging towards him. He made a bee-line in the opposite direction! So unfortunately he didn't come back.

I'm kind of glad he didn't in a way, because the people who stormed hadn't been waiting since 3pm for him to arrive, they had just turned up 30 mins before and expected the best positions. It's just not fair.

I have noticed the colours are slightly weak on some of these shots, but this is due to the way I convert them for the web and it would take too long to preserve the correct colours using the same method. I don't want anything too good on the web though, as they are only meant to be a preview anyway. :)

I've had a nice rest today. Slept in until midday! Considering I had dinner yesterday which was a trip to Subway at 11pm, I think I did ok!

Oh, no sign of Bill Clinton on his birthday. I tried to find out when he was arriving at the Royal York hotel, but the information was classified for security reason! LOL

Anyway, here are the shots... Enjoy!

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