Toronto International Film Festival - Sunday, 10th Sept


Slept in until midday on Sunday and then sorted through some photos in the afternoon and rested well, from the previous days.

The 6:30pm showing didn't seem like anyone famous, but Christina Ricci turned up again and so did Samuel L Jackson again - oops! I arrived at 6:30pm for the 9:30pm showing. Kate Winslet turned up, but I didn't recognise her at first. She came over to sign autographs, but every shot I got of her wasn't that flattering unfortunately. I got some good shots of Mark Ruffalo. Jude Law however, proved to be too far away for anything but low resolution shots.

Anthony Hopkins missed this premiere. He is confirmed for Thursday, so I will take his photo then, when I'll be there in plenty of time.

Anyway, here are my photos for the Sunday...

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