Fan Expo 2006 - Toronto


As there weren't many celebs at the Film Festival this evening, I have decided to upload my shots from the Fan Expo. It is Canada's largest entertainment event for Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Anime and Gaming (although I thought ECTS in London was much better for gaming and Anime North was much better for Anime.. but anyway...)

There were some good celebs here, but unfortuanely they were either declining photographs or charging for them, so I figured I'd get celeb shots at the film festival for free.

Check out the shots for some familar, and no so familar faces! The shot below kind of made me think, "this is not the convention you are looking for..." :)

Tomorrow night is Jennifer Lopez Night at the Film Festival, but it's a different venue so I might have trouble choosing a good spot!

Bye for now,

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